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Blockbuster! Asian-Pacific Optical Fiber and Cable Industry Association Press Conference Successfully Held in Beijing

2018-11-19 18:20:20


November 19, Asian-Pacific Optical Fiber and Cable Industry Association (APC) press conference was grandly held in Beijing Jingyi Hotel. A number of listed optical fiber and cable companies, industry leaders and industry experts gathered in Beijing to celebrate the establishment of the association and witness this important historical moment of the association.




The conference attracted unprecedented attention from the industry and gathered together a good many global and domestic leading companies in fields of optical fiber and cable manufacture and raw materials, including Hengtong, YOFC, FiberHome, Futong, ZTT, Tongding, SDG, Yongding (Etern), Fasten, SPFO, DSM, CDSEI, Honghui, Corning, Fujikura, Sumitomo Electric, Furukawa Electric, and etc. Meanwhile, a large number of mainstream media and professional media in telecommunication industry, including Xinhua News Agency, People’s Network, China Daily, Phoenix New Media, Sina, Sohu, Tencent, People’s Posts and Telecommunications News, CCIDCOM, CNII, CCTIME and etc., attended and reported the event.




Over the past year, factors such as 4G densification, 5G commerce plan, data centers, and the digitization of industrial connectivity have contributed to the development of the global optical communications market. The Chinese market plays an important role in the booming global optical communication market. Under the overall favorable situation of industrial development, it is significant to plan production capacity more reasonably, expand the international market more actively, strengthen the exchange and cooperation with the international community.




APC is an international association focusing on the optical fiber and cable industry. APC is committed to establishing and maintaining the healthy global ecology of optical fiber and cable industry; serving the fast, stable and secure global communication network; extensively developing communication and cooperation with international organizations related to optical fiber and cable business; and boosting the product research & development, business expansion and rational planning related to optical fiber and cable industry.


At the press conference, Qian Jianlin, President-on-duty of the Asia-Pacific Optical Fiber and Cable Industry Association, delivered a speech. In his speech, he reviewed the development of the optical fiber and cable industry in the world, put forward the opportunity to set up the association and pointed out the great prospect of the industry, with the hope that the association can act as the bridge between Asia-pacific and the rest of world while 5G era is coming.




During media interaction, Xiao Wei, President of Futong Group, stressed that the enterprises need a platform (the association) to jointly develop with its global counterparts and enjoy the dividends of the optical fiber and cable industry. Meanwhile, the association can realize the technology exchange with international leading enterprises and research institutes, which can achieve the technological upgrading of Chinese enterprises and to enhance their enterprises’ own competitiveness. Duan Zhigang, Secretary-General of Professional Committee on Communication Cable and Optical Cable, China Association of Communications Enterprises also proposed that the association can work closely with other relevant associations in China, because different associations with different characteristics can complement each other and jointly promote the development of China's optical fiber and cable industry.






The industry's prosperity and its orderly and rational development can not be separated from the joint efforts of industry enterprises and experts. APC will offer information exchange platform for member units, organize industry-related activities, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of member units, cooperate closely with research institutions in related industries, assist member units to carry out international capacity cooperation, and provide advice and suggestions for the development of member units.

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