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HKBN Offers Free Trial of Global Phone

2018-06-23 10:33:34


HKBN has launched a two-month free trial of its CloudSIM technology powered Global Phone device and international roaming service for enterprise customers.


The service provides 5GB of monthly global data to use across over 60 countries and regions worldwide.


Global Phone is tailored to the needs of frequent travelers. The CloudSIM technology automatically detects network signals and switches to the highest performance network available.


The device is equipped with Dual SIM functionality to also support local mobile service when a local SIM is inserted. Global Phone is an Android-powered smartphone with a 5.5-inch full HD display.


“Businesses in different industries always pay a lot for their mobile and roaming services. We now offer free trial of Global Phone service for not only our selected customers, but also corporate customers from other major local telecom operators, so that they can experience worldwide the convenience and cost-saving advantage of our Global Phone high-speed data service,” HKBN Enterprise Solutions COO Billy Yeung said.


“It’s time to save on operating expenses and say goodbye to exorbitant roaming charges.”


As well as the free trial for corporate customers, HKBN is also offering residential customers the ability to purchase a Global Phone for HK$2,688, bundled with a 5GB plan capable of using social media, instant messenger and map apps in mainland China valid for one year.

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