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Countdown to CeBIT 2017: CeBIT Preview Highlights, Part II

2017-02-28 10:27:38


Hannover. By 2020, more than 30 billion people and devices will be connected to the Internet. More than half of all new business processes will then involve elements of the Internet of Things (IoT). CeBIT 2017 is set to feature numerous conspicuous drivers of this megatrend.
Trend topic: the Internet of Things (IoT)
The M2M/IoT pavilion in Hall 12 will be an important contact point for visiting professionals interested in innovative IoT concepts, for this is where Eurotech and partners will be presenting trendsetting IoT solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications based on open, industrial standards. The spotlight will be on the sustainable improvement of processes as well as the implementation of new business models.
Huawei, the Chinese IT group, will be taking part in CeBIT for the seventh time this year. At the Preview, Jörg Karpinski, Sales Director at Huawei Enterprise Technology Germany, announced a number of new innovations which were developed with the help of partners SAP, Infosys, Kuka, Intel and ABB for the cloud, big data and the Internet of Things. In addition, Huawei also plans to present successful customer concepts from the fields of Smart City, finances, energy, transport and production.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is coming to CeBIT to showcase solutions that make machines, plants and workspaces more intelligent and which connect them via hybrid IT architectures, enabling companies to meet the needs of their customers in new ways. At the CeBIT Preview, the company introduced a new micro computer center and a book-sized system for data analysis. In addition, innovative ideas for smart buildings will also be on display in Hannover.
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe will be at CeBIT with new offerings for business processes and workflows as well as concepts for the Workplace of the Future. The digital journey will begin with a process consulting session, followed by ECM solutions such as digital invoice handling. The offer will be augmented by smart cloud services and creative approaches to the Workplace of the Future.
Trend topic: Cyber Security
The topic of security is always pivotal  especially in the IoT environment. Udo Schneider, Security Evangelist at Trend Micro, believes that the business model of online extortion, which hit the headlines frequently last year, will develop in a number of different directions in 2017. Business Process Compromise (BPC) is considered to be especially dangerous. The topics of Car Connectivity and the Smart Factory will also play a role at the Trend Micro stand in Hannover.
Acronis will be featuring its True Image 2017 New Generation security solution at CeBIT, a solution that is equipped for the first time with real-time protection from ransomware as well as with block-chain-based certification, including electronic signature. In addition to complete data backups, this solution also protects all backup applications and the data stored on mobile devices and in Facebook accounts.
To celebrate its 20-year anniversary, Kaspersky Lab will shine a light on flexible, scalable IT security solutions. Whether its the cloud, cyber security, drones, the Internet of Things or artificial intelligence  cybersecurity always forms the foundation. We offer an interdisciplinary security approach with solutions that are reliable, efficient, adaptable and easy to manage, explains Holger Suhl, General Manager DACH at Kaspersky Lab.
Trend topic: Big data
The automated analysis of large quantities of data is becoming increasingly important for all kinds of companies. However, this topic has not yet found its way into the business world, commented Johannes Diebig, Head of Marketing EMEA Central at Salesforce, in his talk at the CeBIT Preview: Less than one percent of customer data is currently being analyzed in companies, even though it is more important than ever before for companies to be customer-centric.
How can data be visualized so that anyone can understand it? This is the challenge that Northdocks has taken up. At CeBIT, the company will demonstrate what lies behind the complex measurements taken by deep-sea robots, the cryptic flight data collected by satellites and the sometimes atypical shopping behavior of online consumers. And with virtual-reality goggles, this data trip is transformed into an immersive experience.
Large data volumes also play an important role in industry with regard to 3D content. Quite often, there is simply no option available for effectively utilizing this data. The instant3Dhub software, which was presented by the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research (IGD) at the Preview, offers an interesting solution. With the help of a tablet, this program makes it possible to walk through the design plans of a plant or building in real time.
Trend topic: Startups
The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) from CeBIT partner country Japan will showcase innovations from the fields of sensor technology, smart devices, IoT technologies, robotics and artificial intelligence at the Japan pavilion. A battery-free RFID solution that makes it possible to efficiently track vehicle parts or other metal products was introduced at the Preview. In addition, NEDO will also bring to CeBIT the first robot-controlled wheelchair designed to allow people with limited mobility to move around safely.
Cloud&Heat, the Dresden-based IT infrastructure provider, is living the German Way of Cloud by offering secure, automated private and public cloud solutions based on German quality standards. Whats new and different: The warmth generated by the cloud servers is used to heat offices and business premises to reduce costs and protect the environment. In Hannover, Cloud&Heat will present their holistic cloud computer center solutions.
Air pressure, temperature and ultraviolet radiation are environmental factors that affect our lives on a daily basis. senseBox, a project that is among the finalists for this years CeBIT Innovation Award, is equipped with open interfaces to whet primarily school students appetites for experimenting with, measuring and analyzing environmental data.
The Blickshift startup, a new company founded by the University of Stuttgart, has developed a software program for the efficient analysis of eye-tracking data. Blickshift Analytics software makes it possible to analyze the behavior of car drivers on the basis of methods from big data analytics, by examining such things as the point in time when a car drivers concentration in traffic begins to falter.
SYOD was another of the CeBIT Innovation Award aspirants at the Preview. The Backes SRT GmbH solution ensures the clear separation of professional and personal data on the smartphone and offers even small companies professional IT security for the business use of private mobile devices.
When crops are infested with disease and pests, this often leads to crop failure and threatens the economic existence of agricultural businesses worldwide. Plantix is a smartphone app developed by PEAT, a startup that has also been nominated for the CeBIT Innovation Award. This app helps to automatically identify, map and treat crop damage.
PuttView, another nominee for the CeBIT Innovation Award, is the perfect solution for golf pros  and anyone who wants to become one: during putting practice, the app is able to compare the ideal path with the path the ball actually travels in real time  augmented reality technology makes it possible. The concept can be used for indoor practice as well as out on the golf course.
Other exciting topics at CeBIT 2017
CeBIT 2017 will celebrate the European debut of the first paper recycler designed for office use: Once filled with used printed paper, the Epson PaperLab is able to produce up to 14 new pages of A4 paper per minute. Put simply, the machine uses a special dry-fiber technology to shred the documents  without any appreciable use of water  and then binds these together to create new paper. This recycles the printed office documents safely and securely and nothing remains of the original printing.
How will clothes feel in the future, and what will they look like? At the CeBIT Preview, students of fashion design at the University of Hannover presented a taste of their vision of future clothing, including its production and distribution, featuring innovative materials and new, sustainable technologies like 3D printing and virtual fitting. This is yet another example of a groundbreaking digitization concept. On CeBIT Friday, 24 March, the Department of Fashion Design will make a presentation during the Rock the Blog event at the CeBIT Global Conferences.
No doubt about it  CeBIT 2017 will be more exciting and diverse than ever!
CeBIT  Global Event for Digital Business
CeBIT is the worlds foremost event on everything essential to the wave of digitalization transforming virtually every aspect of business, government and society. Every spring, the show features a lineup of around 3,000 exhibitors and attracts some 200,000 visitors to its home base in Hannover, Germany. The spotlight is on all the latest advances in fields like artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, virtual and augmented reality, humanoid robots and drones. Thanks to a rich array of application scenarios, CeBIT makes digitalization tangible in the truest sense of the word. d!conomy  no limits, the chosen lead theme for 2017, underscores the shows emphasis on revealing the wealth of opportunities arising from the digital transformation. As a multifaceted exhibition/conference/networking event, CeBIT is a perennial must for everyone involved in the digital economy. The startup scene is also right at home at CeBIT and its dedicated SCALE 11 showcase, which sports more than 400 aspiring young enterprises. The next CeBIT will be staged from 20 to 24 March 2017, with Japan as its official Partner Country. For further information, visit www.cebit.de.
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