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Network Telecom Attends CommunicAsia2016

2016-06-08 09:26:14


As the most representative industry event for information and communication technology (ICT) in Asia, CommunicAsia2016 is hold in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore from 31st in May to 2nd in June 2016. The event aims to provide an ideal platform for professionals and other relevant person to explore new technologies and solutions so as to push the exchanges between telecom companies in the Asia-Pacific Area. There are over 1000 enterprises exhibiting during this event.

As the media company prestigious in the field of Optical Communication in China, Network Telecom was invited to participate in CommunicAsia, bringing its well-known “Ranking of the Top 10 competitiveness enterprises in the optical communications industry during 2014-2015" (English Edition), which was highly praised of by the exhibitors and visitors.

CommunicAsia2016 maintains its standing as THE one-stop venue for ICT professionals to:
Chart future directions of the Information Technology sector;
Address critical industry-related issues within Asia Pacific markets;
Develop strategic partnerships among key players in the ICT ecosystem;
Source for the latest industry-targeted technologies and innovations to adapt and respond to challenges and opportunities;

At CommunicAsia2016, visitors experienced how the latest technologies in 3D Printing, IoT, M2M, Mobile Apps, OTT etc, which will raise efficiencies both at work and home.

    Jacelyn Chen
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