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CEBIT 2018

2018-04-02 10:36:29


Reach out to digital natives, creatives and developers of the IT industry from all around the globe: The new CEBIT is Europe’s leading Business Festival for innovation and digitization in Hannover, Germany. Not only in Europe, but also in other parts of the world our CEBIT portfolio sets the scene for outstanding lead generation.


When it comes to computers, telecommunications, business, or anything to that matter; CeBIT has it. With visitor numbers in the hundreds of thousands from all over the world, and more than 6200 exhibitors from over 70 countries, it is a sight to see. CeBIT this year is being held from 11th to 15th June in 2018.


The first few days of CeBIT are mainly for business, while the weekend of this year's show was open more towards the end user. It gets extremely busy and crowed at times, making it difficult to move around. However, the atmosphere of the show is amazing. There are so many sights to see, and places to visit. The fairgrounds themselves are a sight to see as well. The shear size of CeBIT is impressive, and makes you realize how much computer gear is really out there. 

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